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Top 10 Things to Do when Selling your Home!

#1 Call Me...I'll take care of the other 9

Why all the stress and struggle trying to master a complex industry when all you want to do is sell your home?

Selling your home shouldn't feel like a job you need to take on.  Let's face it, in today's busy world we were given all of these technology tools to supposedly help us gain more free time but the fact is, they make our lives 10 times more complicated.  

Over the past 11 years and closing over 460 transactions I have developed a trademarked plan that only requires one thing from you.... Your desire to sell your home.  

The rest of the work, (and there is a lot) rests solely on me and my team's shoulders.  I have created a checklist to insure each customer of ours receives the same VIP and results oriented experience.  Its not your ordinary checklist, it's 50 pages long!  

I'll send you our checklist prior to our first meeting so you can see for yourself what is involved, it's a lot for someone with limited real estate experience, but it's easy for us because we refer to it everyday.  So what do you say to having a meeting so you can discover the benefits to working with me and my team?   Fill out the form on the right to get the conversation started.  Thank you.