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Isn't it time you treated yourself to GREAT service and perhaps even more importantly results that meet your high expectations. We offer a personal touch backed by proven and repeatable systems. If you are a buyer and you chose to work with our firm, we have a ZERO cost option. You receive the same proven systems, sophisticated marketing, and local knowledge, that provides you a substantial advantage, but at no cost. In today's competitive marketplace it is critical to have a team that understands the current market and how best to serve your particular needs, this is Brant Regency and this is how we help you to win.

77% of the visitors to our site also have a home to sell. We have a special Sell-Buy program that allows you to rest easy while we handle all the logistics of getting your property sold at the highest price, often up to 18% more than what would be possible with a traditional agent. This means more buying power for your new property or more money you can place in YOUR rainy day account. The agents of Brant Regency practice what we preach. We use the same marketing plan on your home, that has allowed us to sell our own homes at record prices. In addition we invest in real estate and have knowledge to share to anyone of our customers that is looking to improve their financial position through fix and flip or buy and hold strategies. When you hire Brant Regency to market and sell your home, you are not just hiring one agent , you are hiring a team of specialists that is dedicated to your success. Luxury service and Superior results are here now, ready for you to experience how real estate was meant to be practiced, all you need to do is call, text or email. Wouldn't NOW be the right time to give us a call?